‘Real Men Don’t Wax’ now available

Book Description

Jamie and Alex live in the same building but both are busy leading their separate lives. Alex is overwhelmed trying to maintain the aging but quaint apartment building while Jamie’s days are filled with her career, friends, and family.

In steps Mephistopheles the cat, known by his vet as The Prince of Darkness, to bring the two together. He knows something, and it’s up to him to see that Alex and Jamie know it too. He gets their attention by stealing underwear, popping up in odd places and becoming the link that brings the two together. But Mephistopheles always goes just a little too far.

The modern fairytale has updated twists and turns that you won’t find in Snow White. Real Men Don’t Wax has all the fun of a girls’ night out mixed with a little magic and a classic storyline. The plot is fresh and fun, familiar but completely new.

Stacy Bender, acclaimed science-fiction/adventure writer, is stepping out of her comfort zone with Real Men Don’t Wax, a contemporary romantic comedy. This fun novella underscores Bender’s versatility and ability to entertain across the board as she weaves a lighthearted story about a man, a woman, and . . . a cat.


About Stacy Bender

Author of Ursa Kane and the Sav'ine series.
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