Person of Interest Interview – Dave Tolle

1. Please introduce yourself.
My name is Dave Tolle. I was born in Everett, WA (just north of Seattle) and grew up in Dayton, Ohio. I guess I’m kind of a jack of all trades. I’ve worked for UPS, an electric company, department stores, a heating & air company, and currently work for a construction company. I wasn’t a big fan of many of those places, but bills come every month whether you have a job or not, plus every now and then I need stuff.

2. What do you write? Do you have a specific gene?
I write about the average, everyday, schmuck and the obstacles that he/she faces.

3. What are you working on now?
The Rise and Fall of the Creekwood Mall – It is about a man whose life is deeply intertwined with a decaying “dead” mall. Most of his life’s best moments happened there and some of his worst. He reflects back on its history after it is finally reduced to rubble.

4. When did you start writing?
I’ve been writing since I learned how to write. I just have always thought I’ve had a story to tell and am constantly creating new ones.

5. Where do you usually write?
At home. I prefer no one else around and complete silence, but since that is impossible I just try to write when I can.

6. Why did you choose to start writing, who or what influenced you?
I write because I know nothing else. I know I’ll never make a dime from it, but it is what I am and I’ll never be happy unless I at least keep the dream of “some day” alive. Writers write, fighters fight. The only difference is that a bad writer has a desk full of crappy material and a bad fighter gets his ass kicked a lot.

7. Did you self publish or go with a publisher and why?
I’m not published. Probably never will be. I’ve come to accept that and don’t worry about it.

8. What advice do you have for other writers?
Write! If you write something and read it and realize it sucks… write more. I know how bad I was, know how much I’ve improved, and know how much better I need to get it. The only way to get better is keep working.

9. Where do you hope your writing will take you in five years?
I just hope I am better then than I am now. I hope I can write a story that at least a few people will enjoy.

10. What do you do when you are not writing?
I’m always writing. Maybe not on paper, but I’m always paying attention to the way people react, the way things smell, the feel of the wind. I try to absorb other’s emotions and I listen to how they talk. Everything is a potential story.

11. How do we find out more about you and about your book\writing?
I don’t have much to offer you. I used to blog daily in the old Myspace heyday and just opened “You’ve Been Tolle’d” on wordpress. I don’t have anything on wordpress yet, but I’m sure I’ll add various degrees of stupid material there at some point.


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