Wanted – Co Author

I’m a member of the Cincinnati Fiction Writers and I always like to help a fellow writer. So I ask you if you know someone who can help Pat, please pass Pat’s request on.
 Thank you.

As a new member of the Cincinnati Fiction Writers, I was encouraged to offer the following:

I am looking for an experienced writer, preferably someone inclined toward Civil War genre. I am looking to have someone co-author with me to finish a historical fiction novel that has a lively historical story line and characters and is about 20% written. It is based around Cincinnati at the Civil War time using facts and factoids and is packed with potential for further creativity.
I am a 79 year old novice writer, father of 9 children and 22 grandchildren and I still work and run a company. I have been researching and developing this story for 5 years now, but time is so precious and I seem stuck and perhaps I am running out of time. A co-author format seems so very appropriate for me and my personality. If Steven King co-authors, that is impressive enough for me. Co-authoring is a fairly common procedure within the right circumstances.
Any comment?

Pat Hanlon


About Stacy Bender

Author of Ursa Kane and the Sav'ine series.
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2 Responses to Wanted – Co Author

  1. Mike Roberts says:

    I’m definitely interested in posting him some extracts. If you’d like to exchange details.
    Mike – UK ( history buff )

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