The Befuddled Pet Owner’s Guide to Cats (Guides for the Befuddled) [Kindle Edition]



Photo: Part of some super, almost secret work with Word Branch Publishing. Sorry Monty, looks like you're on another book cover! Go give a like to Stacy Bender, so Monty can put this modeling side-gig behind him. Also starring Gandalf the Grump, eater of paint brushes and nibbler of toes.

Book now Available

Whether you acquired a pure breed, come a crossed a little girl giving away kittens for free, having your friend drop one off that they can no longer can take care of or have one show up at your door with a sign saying ‘Will look cute and fuzzy for food’ a congratulations is in order.

You have just become the proud parent of a two-year-old in a fur coat.


About Stacy Bender

Author of Ursa Kane and the Sav'ine series.
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