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Stacy Bender Releases Two Books Simultaneously with Word Branch Publishing

It’s a big day for cat lovers as Stacy Bender releases two books with cat themes: a reference book for the care of cats and a choose-your-own-ending novella where cats play a significant role.

MARBLE, NC, July 1, 2013 —

Imagine a secret world existing in our world—strange looking beings that who have their own society and code of ethics. Imagine that these creatures can twist our reality so that we don’t see them as they are. These are the ancient and mysterious Bast.

Stacy Bender crafts a spellbinding tale in the novella, Bast Fantasy, which she describes as, “Horror, romance, murder and mayhem.” The Bast, catlike beings descended from the Egyptian goddess of the same name, survive in a contemporary society through a complex underground network of leaders and human ‘companions’ who act as protectors, covers, and sometimes more.

The Bast continue to warp reality by offering the reader a choice of three different endings from romantic to treacherous.

Bender, best known for her science fiction Sav’ine Guard series, creates an atmosphere that has both modern and Art Deco feel. The dark alleyways, shadowy Bast, and the sense of danger are reminiscent of the 1940s film Cat People.

In addition, Word Branch Publishing is releasing The Befuddled Pet Owner’s Guide to Cats also by Bender. This concise handbook is aimed at the new cat parent who needs basic information on feeding, choosing a vet, behavior and more.

Stacy’s humorous and clear style combined with relevant research and her own experiences provides a clear path to a happy cat/parent relationship. This interactive guide is filled with links, charts and succinct information as well as access to a web page with printable charts, additional links and updated information.

The Guide is offered as an e-book only to take advantage of using links and outside information. For a limited time, it will be offered at a special price and include bonus chapters from Bast Fantasy.

This is part of the Guides for the Befuddled Series; handbooks written by knowledgeable people in their fields for people who want to know more about a given subject.
Word Branch Publishing is an independent publisher located in North Carolina. Specializing in working with new and emerging authors, WBP offers readers quality reading in a variety of genres including science fiction, fantasy, spiritual, and young adult.

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About Stacy Bender

Author of Ursa Kane and the Sav'ine series.
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