Person of Interest Interview – Weston J. Kathman

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1. Please introduce yourself.

Weston J. Kathman
I am an offbeat writer from northern Kentucky. My personal worldview can only be summarized as contrarianism (or “paradoxical contrarianism” when I am in a particularly daffy mood). Interests include satire, baseball, science-fiction, music, movies, and stand-up comedy.

2. What do you write? Do you have a specific gene?

I have published one novel, The Misadventures of Jack Chesterfield – which is based entirely on real experiences and qualifies as basic literary fiction, or “dramedy” perhaps. I also write science-fiction/fantasy. However, I believe genre categorization can be misleading and restrictive. Part of me wishes to completely defy such categorization.

3. What are you working on now?

I am currently rewriting a hallucinatory science-fiction/fantasy novel, Nonentity, which I wrote several years ago.

4. When did you start writing?

I started writing creatively not long after I learned how to read and write. It has been nearly a life-long obsession.

5. Where do you usually write?

I typically write on my laptop computer in my living room. I wouldn’t deem that room especially “conducive to writing,” though it works fairly well for me. One of my favorite things about the laptop computer is that I can use it anywhere. If need be, I will write away from home.

6. Why did you choose to start writing, who or what influenced you?

It is difficult to recall why I chose to start writing – because I was about six or seven at the time. Oddly enough, I think Mad Magazine may have played a role in getting me in touch with my satirical soul. I probably started writing due to an overwhelming urge to express myself. I have always felt – rightly or wrongly – that I saw the world differently than most people. And I always wanted people to know about my “unique” vantage point. There is admittedly some narcissism in that. Narcissism is one factor that compels me to write.

7. Did you self publish or go with a publisher and why?

I self-published a print-on-demand novel, The Misadventures of Jack Chesterfield, through CreateSpace. It is available on Amazon in both print and Kindle versions. I avoided the traditional route of attempting to court an agent and/or major publisher because I am not patient enough for that.

8. What advice do you have for other writers?

My advice to writers is the same as my advice to people who do not write: do whatever you want. I am an extreme laissez-fairest. Whenever people start talking about “rules” for writing, I get suspicious. I view writing as an anarchic endeavor. So I would tell writers, “If you want to plan out all the details of your novel/story with outlines, notes, and whatnot – fine. But if you’re perfectly comfortable writing spontaneously [as I am], there’s nothing wrong with that either. There are more ways than one to write. Tackle it in the way that works best for you.”

9. Where do you hope your writing will take you in five years?

I hope that I can eventually write for a living. Whether that happens in three years or five years or never … hard to say at this point. I do not need to make a fortune from my writing – just enough to live off. I can be extraordinarily frugal (or, un-sugarcoated, “cheap”).

10. What do you do when you are not writing?

I work in medical coding. I am currently unemployed and trying to figure out which direction I want to go professionally. Any suggestions?

11. How do we find out more about you and about your book\writing?

I have a web site filled with my wacky musings: Again, my book is available on Amazon. Just type in Weston J. Kathman or The Misadventures of Jack Chesterfield. Thanks!


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