by S.C. Bender

I’m board, or is that bored?

Board is is a piece of wood, members of council, reference to a meal and even has a nautical meaning. Bore is a reference to a drilling tool or someone who is tedious and mind numbing. So I’m bored, defiantly bored.

(Mom was wrong, bored is a word, it’s in the dictionary. I looked it up.)

Sitting in an out patient waiting room, waiting for a friend to have her surgery is not the most exciting of things to do. (It’s kind of up there with watching paint dry.) So please excuse my inane rambling.

Oh goodie a break in the monotony, I get to go back and talk to her while she is in pre-op. Trust up in tubes and wires she is. It’s a perfect scene for a mad scientist movie and by the time the doctor comes in to explain what he is going to do and give his disclaimer (similar to the fine print on the back of the aspirin bottle in the bathroom medicine cabinet.) I get sent back to purgatory, aka the waiting room. Oh joy… I gotta pee anyway and that’s where the potty is.

I’m allowed to go back and talk to her for a few minutes before they take her back into surgery. She’s acting like she’s stoned. Damn Good drugs. (Not to be confused with Dam which is a barrier usually used to contain water.)

One of the RNs mistake us for mother and daughter again. Sorry no relation, just friends. Besides she would have had to have been fourteen at the time. Not impossible but highly unlikely. She hates being mistaken for my mother, I think it’s funny, so does my mom.

Side note. Mom was forty-one when I was born, so she has us both covered.

I hungry. (Not Hungary, the county.) I can’t leave the building while she is in surgery on the off chance that something bad happens and they need me to make a decision.

The only thing available is the motor oil they try and pass off as coffee and the vending machines. Hum, itty bitty bags of stale chips, frosted covered cakes, tiny candy bars and liquid caffeine. I picked the cupcakes and diet Mountain Dew, lovely combination and an oxymoron. No I’m not an ox or a moron, I just don’t need the diabetic coma. Besides, once you get used to diet pops the regular stuff is too syrupy.

They have an old Humphrey Bogart on the boob tube, ‘The Treasure of the Sierra Madre‘. I’ve seen it before and I still had to laugh at the ‘we don’t need no stinking badges’ line. Classic.

FYI – The cupcake is like eating a sugar cube.

I’ve just been informed that her surgery went well and we are now waiting for the anesthesia to wear off. (I always want to call it ana-sneeze-ia.)

And now its back to the nether world.

We must be having a Bogart marathon, ‘Tokyo Joe‘ is next.

Yeah! She’s awake. Now its time for the paperwork. (Yuck) Plus she nauseous.
She just informed me that when she get back to her apartment the dog has to pee.

Getting her dressed is a trip, she needs to take care of the wedgie first.

Back at the apartment, prescription dropped off, isn’t outpatient surgery grand. Getting up the stairs was an ordeal but we made it. Nap time for her while I raid the cupboard for food. I’ve got to stick around until tomorrow. Someone has to be able to call 911 if there is a problem.


About Stacy Bender

Author of Ursa Kane and the Sav'ine series.
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