Spell check Please

As some of you may know, I belong to a fiction writers group as well as a screenwriters group. Well it just so happens that I was not able to make one of the meetings the other day but I did manage to hear about what happened, and trust me it was not pretty.

The writers group that I’m in has a rather laid back atmosphere and is very welcoming to any writer no matter what stage they are in, newbie or published. Therefore, when someone joins us with an attitude of, ‘I’m all that and a bag of chips,’ it’s a bit of a disruption. Yet I will say that we do our best to be nice.

I did find out that this person (supposedly published) posted a couple of short stories on our website and decided to have a look…I almost horked up my lunch at the first line.

May I just say that just because you may be published (and with what I suspect was not a reputable publisher.) that does not give you the right to lord it over others. It just means that you are no longer in the garage but you are still a local band. Rock star status is for people like Steven King and Nora Roberts and most of us aren’t there yet.

That being said I urge anyone who writes on his or her computer to please use the spell check. I don’t know about other operating systems but Microsoft Office has both spelling and grammar check, which you can customize to your needs using the options button. Granted the ‘Spell check Nazi’ can be a bit of a pain but if you use this option and the page that you are working on lights up like a Christmas tree, you clearly need the help.

Trust me your readers with thank you for using it.


About Stacy Bender

Author of Ursa Kane and the Sav'ine series.
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