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Dear Readers and writers,

Last year, author Stacy Bender came to me with an idea. She proposed that Word Branch Publishing sponsor a writing contest for aspiring science fiction writers to be published in an anthology that spotlights their talents. I agreed, as long as she took a leadership position and all of the profits went to a literacy cause. Although the experience had a learning curve, it was a successful venture in the end. We showcased a number of new and emerging SF writers as well as earned money for The North Carolina Literacy Association.

After our initial experiment, we have decided to continue the anthology as an annual contest. As was the case last year, we are working with an all-volunteer group of editors, proofers, and formatters as well as artist Julian Norwood once again donating his time and talents. A big thank you goes to all of them, especially Stacy, for your hard work and time.

The press release below is for general distribution–please feel free to print, post, and share. You can get copies of all WBP press releases here: http://www.wordbranch.com/press-releases.html

Or you can email me at catherine@wordbranch.com, and I will be happy to email you a Word document copy and a jpg of the cover.

For wholesale orders, email sales@wordbranch.com for details.

Thank you,

Catherine Rayburn-Trobaugh

For more information on the Word Branch Publishing 2015 Anthology, please see  http://www.wordbranch.com/2015-science-fiction-contest.html


About Stacy Bender

Author of Ursa Kane and the Sav'ine series.
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