It’s always nice to see the name of people you know, in print.

It’s always nice to see the name of people you know, in print.

TearsRain copy

Available in paperback and e-book editions.

Word Branch Publishing Releases E.E. William’s Edge-Of-Your-Seat Crime Drama, Tears in the Rain

“The blood on the floor is mine. The bullets in my head belong to someone else.”

The first lines of Tears in the Rain start readers on a fast-paced pursuit through the sweltering streets of Miami, Florida and the introduction to Noah Greene, a flawed hero who struggles with his own personal demons. The first book in the Noah Greene Mystery series establishes Greene as a slightly emotionally damaged, would-be detective who stumbles into both peril and intrigue. Ultimately Greene’s strong moral compass, that often puts other’s well being before his own, leads him to a tangled mystery that is both shocking and compelling. With unyielding tenacity, his investigative talents surprise even him as he uncovers the truth about Miami’s dirty little secrets.

After leaving his quiet middle class life, as well as his wife and son, the former insurance salesman, Noah Greene, finds himself in steamy Miami. Near broke and living in a rented office/bicycle shop, Greene fancies himself a hardboiled detective in the tradition of Sam Spade and Philip Marlowe. His dream seems out of reach until, like a scene from a Bogey movie, a mysterious woman seeks him out to locate her missing brother. But as Noah begins to dig into the brother’s past, he finds himself in immersed in a political scandal and real estate scam that shakes Miami to its core and puts Noah, and anyone he comes in contact with, in grave danger.

William’s skill as a writer is evident in the pace and escalation of the story, and he draws on his past as a journalist to produce a snappy and concise narrative that creates a world of urgency and grittiness. Williams combines the smoky mystery of Dashiell Hammett’s characters and the twist and turns of a Gillian Flynn book with Elmore Leonard’s self-deprecating humor to craft a hard-to-put-down novel.

The second book in the series, Tears of God, is also available through Word Branch Publishing’s online book shop, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and book shops everywhere. Find out more at

Word Branch is an independent publishing company located in the heart of Appalachia. WBP represents talented new and emerging authors who need a venue to make their voices heard. Word Branch Publishing offers unique titles in both paperback and e-books in a variety of genres including drama, science fiction, fantasy and young adult. Titles can be found at


In paperback and electronic editions.

Tears of God: Book II of the Noah Greene Mystery Series

Former insurance salesman, Noah Greene, fancies himself a hard-boiled detective in the tradition of Sam Spade and Philip Marlowe, but real life can get messy . . . and dangerous. As the bodies, just the bodies, pile up in steamy Miami, Greene, his friends and family, are drawn into a deadly mystery that will change them forever.

Greene is just doing a favor by checking in on a lonely widow with a missing cat, but his kind gesture leads him to be a suspect in a gruesome series of murders. What he uncovers as he attempts to clear his name is more horrifying than the murders themselves. “William’s is a master of escalating suspense,” says publisher Catherine Rayburn-Trobaugh. “He skillfully leads the reader through a maze of possible killers only dropping clues out slowly until the final horrifying truth is revealed. Any fan of crime fiction will love the spine-chilling crescendo that leads to an unexpected finale.”

This second book in the Noah Greene Mystery series will keep you riveted to the book–but don’t lose you head; there’s more to come.


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