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Hi there, I know that I haven’t been posting lately. There is a reason. I wrote these articles back in August before the wedding and I wasn’t sure if I should post them. Then it was suggested that they would make a good ‘About the Author’ posts. So here they are.


I’ve never understood why some people are so willing to spend a fortune on a wedding. Especially when they can’t afford it.

 Ok so here is the situation, I’m getting married……again.

I always said that if I ever got married again that it would have to be to the right guy. Well guess what, I tripped over him.

I’m divorced he is a widower, so when the topic of getting married came up the how did as well.

Neither of us wanted to be stressed out nor did we want to do anything so impersonal as have it Justice of the Peace. Having it small was a definite. We had no intention of inviting someone’s brother’s cushion’s uncle or shirttail acquaintances.

Second, third and fourth was church, venue and food.

Before scheduling anything we had to pick a date, which was a bit of a chore considering both of our families had things going on, but we didn’t want to wait a year. Luckily, we were able to get the church for the morning of the date finally selected.

Venue and food was a disaster with only one very bright shining light. Hubby to be was adamant about not having the usual warehouse wedding where guests are served rubber chicken out of a pig troth. I didn’t like that idea either but every website we visited had just that. Weddings have become a business and are no longer a celebration. If you can find a nice place with moderately decent food, the chances of paying at least a down payment on a house are good. In addition, we’re not drinkers, so it’s not as if we could disguise the taste with alcohol.

So what was our shining light? Believe it or not, it was at the mall. I couldn’t believe it either, until I walked into Maggiano’s Little Italy and fell in love with the place. The decor needed no improvement and the food, heavenly. Their banquet hall could seat over a hundred. We figured that we would only need about sixty.

Having a sit down luncheon served family style was very appealing and it was at a fraction of the cost any other place would charge.

Church, venue, food on a select date, done.

He already had a suit and had no intention of renting a tuxedo and I agreed. I just needed a dress and so did my maid of honor. Why buy a wedding dress you’ll never wear again when a formal looks just as nice? She found her dress plus the shoes first day. I had to order mine and get the shoes later. My maid of honor just loves her dress. She now has something nice to wear when she goes to the ballet, me I’m an opera girl.

Hubby to be and I also decided to skip the mammoth cake that no one ever eats and decided on various small cakes, using them for the center pieces at the tables. With a few seasonal flowers to enhance the look, they should be perfect. I’m also using fresh flowers for the bouquets because I like real flowers. Besides, dragging a potted plant down the aisle would not only be awkward but just plain weird. Though we did decide to be silly and hide small dragons in the flowers on the tables. It’s a running joke between the two of us.

He loves dragons and would love to have a costume. When we originally started planning someone suggested a theme wedding, he said that he could be a dragon and I could be the princess. I told him that I would rather be the knight.

 The dragons even made it onto the wedding invitations. Originally, we were just going to email everyone, tacky I know but why pay for something people are just going to toss in the garbage can? We opted for something that could be framed. Julian Norwood, the person who does the cover art for our books is fantastic and loved the idea of custom invitations.


About Stacy Bender

Author of Ursa Kane and the Sav'ine series.
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2 Responses to Mobsters with a side of Dragons I

  1. Anna says:

    I framed your invitation. lol. I hope you liked it. =]

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