Mobsters with a side of Dragons III


Wedding invitations, (Don’t worry it’s almost over.)

If you’ve been following my wedding rants the past couple of weeks, you know that my Hubby-to-be is willingly helping with the arrangements.

(It’s OUR wedding NOT MY wedding.)

That being said, when the subject of invitations came up we almost sent e-vites. Some people think this is tacky and I guess it can be, but we are living in a digital world, plus, almost everyone we were inviting already knew about the wedding, so it was just a formality. Then there is the high price you can pay for the invitations, I was reading an article that explained all the paperwork that goes into an invite, Announcement, invite, the RSVP that from what I understand no one seems to pay attention to any more.

It’s a lot of gold trimmed paper that most people throw away.

Then we started being silly. I don’t remember the exact conversation but it did go back to his ‘I want a dragon’ comment, an Edward Gorey Christmas card, and invitations people would actually want to keep. So before we could stop laughing we sent an e-mail to Julian Norwood owner of BrushTea illustrations and the same person who does the artwork for our books with a question of him doing the invitations and what he thought of the idea. He loved it, hence the memorable invites.

Once we had the picture, all we needed to do was write up the invite with all the pertinent information and go to a place that would print them up. I used the local Kinko’s and lucked out by being able to talk to a woman who not only worked there, but also did something similar for her wedding. She gave me some wonderful suggestions as well as helpful information.

Price of the invitations? Dirt-cheap. We now have a beautiful piece of artwork that we can hang. Plus, everyone received a memorable invite that fits our personality.


About Stacy Bender

Author of Ursa Kane and the Sav'ine series.
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