Can’t Fight the Verse

It’s always nice to see new works coming from people you know.


In paperback and electronic editions

Word Branch Publishing Releases John Opskar’s Second Book of Poetry

Opskar’s Can’t Fight the Verse is a raucous celebration of alcohol, tobacco, sex and life.
Once again, John Opskar graces the poetry world with his contemporary carpe diem verse. Can’t Fight the Verse is a gritty treatise of his love of cigars, beer and the woman in his life. But beneath the rawness is a tenderness and the heart of a true poet.

“His poetry is earthy and real—verse for the masses,” says Word Branch Publishing owner Catherine Rayburn-Trobaugh. “ John writes from the soul, without pretense, and always with painful honesty. He promises his readers a glimpse of life, not from a gilded looking glass, but as a reflection from a somewhat grimy and road-worn rearview mirror.”

Opskar’s first book of poetry, Sugar Takes Her Coat Off, was published in 2014 to positive reviews. In addition, he has published two fantasy novel from his Rune Told series: Odinsson and Loki’s Laughter.

Can’t Fight the Verse, as well as Word Branch Publishing’s other titles, can be purchased online and at bookstores.


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