Other Stories


Ursa Kane

Ursa Kane was one of those stories that I wrote years ago that amazingly enough survived the move to Cincinnati by hiding on the hard drive of my computer. I had just gone through a divorce and needed an outlet for my anger and frustration. Throwing darts at a picture of my ex just wasn’t working.
At the time a friend of mine and I were working on a different story but Ursa Kane kept getting in the way, so I hurried up and finish what we were working on and dived right in to the new one. I was trying for a sarcastic main character and I hope I pulled that off though some may call her a stark raving witch. I had no idea where I was taking a story and just wrote what came to mind at the time with no thought to the end or anything else for that matter. My friend on the other hand would play devils advocate and point out little things I missed but I refuse to rewrite anything. If the character forgot to pack a container of water then she would just have to figure out how to fix the problem. So in a sense, both character and writer went on an adventure through a hidden world meeting an array of crazy characters including a poisonous flying snake that imprinted on her and refused to leave her side. With a cranky attitude of someone who just wants to be left alone, Kane unwittingly find herself the center of attention and is forced to make decisions she may later regret.
After finishing the story my friend wanted me to make a sequel and I even tried grudgingly to do so, but it never felt quite right. The story was done and the demons excised. Somehow I think a sequel would somehow ruin the original.
At the time that I finished it getting it published seems more like a pipe dream, in fact when I sent it to my publisher and asked if she thought that it was salvageable I was shocked when she replied with a contract.
For those who have read Ursa Kane or any other of my stories, I do hope you have enjoyed them and hope to hear from you what you thought.


Real Men Don’t Wax

There is a story behind the writing of Real Men Don’t Wax. After a discussion on the topic of romance novels, I announced that I was going to write one. A declaration, which came very much as a surprise to my friends considering I don’t read them. However, I never could resist poking a stick in to a hornets’ nest.

You might say that the first sentence of the book says it all.

“Why is it that in every romance novel, the girl is always a virgin and the guy has more money than he knows what to do with? When in reality, most of us lose our virginity in a drunken stupor to some jackass and most guys don’t have a pot to pee in,”

It’s a story that I hope will give you and everyone else an attack of the giggles.


Bast Fantasy

Mummies, monsters, and werewolves, oh my.
Vampires drool and predators rule.
I must of been in heat when I wrote this.

Bast Fantasy was one story that I fully expected to be rejected.
Yes, I am my own worst enemy.

It was written as an experiment where its scenes would be written individually and strung together later. I can tell you right now that doing so was like trying to make a quilt with bailing wire and tissue paper. Never again will I do this, I’ll stick to writing from beginning to end, it’s much easier and needs less rewrites.
Think of Bast Fantasy as my answer to the vampire craze, or has the zombies eaten them all yet?

For more information on the real Bast see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bastet


If it wasn’t for my husband this quirky little space romp would never have been completed. He is also responsible for pulling Luca out of the shadows. Her character fascinated him more than the cute fuzzy space monkey.

He doesn’t do cute.

So I ask you this,

What’s worse than being trapped on a crippled space station with an insane space monkey and a man-eating lizard, while gangsters are hunting you down?

Did I mention your date makes Mr. Universe look like a wimp?


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