What can I say? My brain refuses to let me write this series in order.

There is a pattern. Present, future, and distant future.

Each book is a stand-alone story. You don’t have to read the first to understand the others.

I never intended on making a series out of the Sav’ine. It just happened. Emerald Tears sat on the shelf for a year before it went into the computer. It took five years after that to wonder about the characters I created. Why were they the way they were? Why did they do what they did?

I tried explaining a few of those questions in Hands of Onyx. Questions still kept popping up.

Diamond Mind is one of those questions. Is it capable for a Sav’ine to live separated from the Hive? If a Sav’ine could, then how?

Sons of Amethyst goes back closer to the beginning. It answers a little about The Family. The story keeps to the Sav’ine and their relations with one another, even when the team members don’t like each other.

The three books waiting publication are:

Moonstone Child takes up where Hands of Onyx ended. It centers more on the tribesmen mentioned in the earlier books, the alien world where they now live, and the Sav’ine that are trying to keep them safe.

Bloodstone Reborn is the last in chronological order. Its answers the question of what the Sav’ine do when there’s no Family to protect? Plus, how far are they’re willing to go when the Level Fives start to become a problem?

Pearl of Sorrow is in draft form and simmering on the hard drive waiting to be fleshed out. What happens when a daughter and Family member becomes Sav’ine?

In case you’re wondering why I chose to title each with a precious stone. Don’t you think it’s fitting for a group who’ve been through so much should be viewed as valuable?


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